• What is Unanimous Capital?

    Unanimous Capital is an early stage venture fund.

    We invest in founders solving meaningful problems by creating or disrupting markets at scale.

  • Who we are

    We’re a team of serial entrepreneurs turned investors with a proven track record on both ends of the spectrum.

    Our range of operational experience allows us to capitalize on the current gap in early-stage funding and makes us uniquely qualified to help companies thrive.


    Due to our success as founders, we focus on the early stages of the venture lifecycle.

    Sunil Verma

    Managing Director

    Akshay Oberai

    Managing Director

    Chris Ji


    Krishna Subramanian

    Venture Partner

    Vishal Gurbuxani

    Venture Partner

    Jenny Lee

    Chief Financial Officer

    Toni Alejandria

    Head of Investor Relations

  • Philip inghelbrecht


    previously: founder of shazam, president of truecar

    “In the last 5 years, Akshay has grown into a fantastic investor whom I have gotten to admire deeply. He has a cunning ability to discern trends and understand new generations of people, allowing him to see investment opportunities when others don't. That, combined with his likable personality, earns him a seat at the table to win promising deals. Furthermore, from a founder perspective, Akshay relentlessly provides help and support but without causing any founder distraction.”


    founding partner, grep vc

    previously: partner at storm ventures, founding partner of subtraction capital, and cmo at atlassian

    “Unanimous Capital is a fund I want to co-invest with. The team is 100% made up of seasoned operators with extensive operating networks that will bring high quality deals to their door. They have been in the trenches long enough to recognize the talent and grit required to come out winning. And they have a long history of nothing but positive interactions in tech. So in any competitive deals, they will be one of the teams that gets space. I look forward to co- investing with Unanimous for decades to come.”

    Sameer mehta


    previously: vp of strategic partnerships, casper

    “Finding the right investors who can provide real value is always a challenge. Given the background of our founding team, our seed round was set to be oversubscribed but I approached Unanimous Capital to invest due to their track record as successful operators and my long standing personal and professional relationship with the partners. Both the Unanimous Capital team as well as Jinx’s team share a huge characteristic: we have been in the trenches and know what it takes to succeed in the rough terrain of the startup wilderness. This is what makes Unanimous Capital unique and enabled them to bring guidance from day one of our conversations. Their considerable network within tech and venture capital will also undoubtedly help our immediate and future growth. We’re excited to be joining the Unanimous family and working closely with them for years to come.”

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